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Full membership

Full membership is available to all national societies of behavioral medicine having a multidisciplinary membership, a balance of interests between biomedical and behavioral/social sciences, and a commitment to behavioral medicine as defined in the ISBM charter.

Affiliate membership

Affiliate membership is granted to societies whose organizational goals are consistent with those of the ISBM, but who do not meet all of the criteria (e.g., biomedical and behavioral members) for full membership.  Although societies rather than individuals belong to the ISBM, interested individuals from countries not having a society belonging to the ISBM should contact the ISBM Secretariat for information about becoming an individual member of an existing national society.


Each Full Member society is billed EUR 3.00 annually per member for registration in the ISBM.  Affiliate Member Societies are billed EUR 3.00 annual per member too.  Individuals belonging to either Full Member or Affiliate Member societies are entitled to a reduced registration fee at the International Congresses, a reduced rate for subscribing to the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, and invitations to participate in the scientific and educational activities of the ISBM.

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Kerry Sherman

Kerry Sherman