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Our Goals

INSPIRE (the International Network for Supporting Promising Individual Researchers in their Early Career) aims to facilitate the development and promotion of research opportunities and mentoring for students and early career researchers in behavioural medicine.

The goals of INSPIRE are to:

  1. Establish networking opportunities within INSPIRE both online, and at regional and international meetings.
  2. Establish didactic and mentorship opportunities with more established members of the field
  3. Support education, training and professional development
  4. Enhance representation and encourage exposure of early career researchers in ISBM
  5. Increase the visibility of early career research within the field

Who is INSPIRE for?

An individual who is at any level of their graduate training through 10 years post-terminal degree may decide to join INSPIRE. We suggest members reassess how much benefit they derive from INSPIRE activities at 7-10+ years post terminal degree to help them determine whether participation is still beneficial to them.

Committee Members

  • Allison Marziliano (Chair)
  • Anja Feneberg
  • Rina Fox
  • Nanna Husted Jensen
  • Brenna Kirk
  • Linda Kwakkenbos
  • Phoenix Mo
  • Martin Lamb
  • Jessica Leather
  • Christine Emmer
  • Sophie Green


Allison Marziliano

Allison Marziliano

INSPIRE Committee Chair