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Education and Training Committee

The Education and Training Committee has responsibility for the synthesis and dissemination of educational opportunities in behavioral medicine around the world, including primary training, continuing education, workshops, conferences and other activities designed to increase knowledge and upgrade skills in behavioral medicine. Such programs include the entire scientific spectrum concerned with health and behavior relationships: from investigations of brain-body mechanism linkages to reducing health-risk via community intervention strategies.

We aim to:

  • Survey the current state of education in behavioral medicine worldwide.
  • Support researchers in behavioral medicine early in their careers.
  • Extend support to practitioners using the tools and principles of behavioral medicine and to extend educational tools in behavioral medicine via e-learning.
  • Expand the role of education in evidence-based behavioral medicine in health professions’ curricula.
  • Arrange for direct support to emerging graduate programs in behavioral medicine upon request.
  • Arrange for direct support to emerging new societies of behavioral medicine.

This committee has the responsibility of selecting the recipients of the Early Career Awards.

The ISBM Education and Training Committee Chair is a 4-year term position.


Chris Kilby

Chris Kilby

Education and Training Committee Chair

Education and Training Committee Chair 2023-2027