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Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides guidance and oversight over the income, expenditures and investments of the ISBM. Functions of the committee are to assist the Treasurer in preparation of a biannual budget, recommend this budget to the Governing Council, provide oversight of ISBM expenditures, and together with the Treasurer make recommendations to the Executive Committee or Governing Council regarding proposed modifications in the existing budget.

The committee will recommend to the Governing Council specific rules for the allocation of funds by the Executive Committee, Elected Officers and Committee Chairs. In addition, the committee may recommend to the Governing Council, plans for investment and fund raising to improve the finances of the ISBM.

The Committee’s membership includes the ISBM Past President, President, Treasurer, and President-Elect as well as any other members deemed by the Committee or Governing Council to have expertise that may contribute to the performance of the Committee’s duties. The Governing Council selects the Committee’s Chair.

The ISBM Finance Committee Chair is a 4-year term position.


Sherri Sheinfeld Gorin

Sherri Sheinfeld Gorin

Finance Committee Chair

Finance Committee Chair 2021-2025