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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for identifying potential Member Societies, facilitating their development, and counseling them regarding future relationships with the ISBM. A major responsibility of the committee is to promote interactions between possible future member societies and the ISBM. Members of the committee acquaint those developing emerging societies with the rules, responsibilities and benefits of ISBM membership.

The committee also helps emerging societies develop their: charter; bylaws; list of members including their degrees and disciplines; and a list of officers and their credentials (e.g., curriculum vitae), in preparation for applying to the ISBM for membership. Completed applications are forwarded to the Chair of the Membership Committee for consideration by the Board, which will make a recommendation to the Governing Council. The Governing Council elects the Chair of the Membership Committee.

The ISBM Membership Committee Chair is a 4-year term position.


Lara Traeger

Lara Traeger

Membership Committee Chair

Membership Committee Chair 2020-2024